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About Us

Our main specialization is reducing fuel consumption and increasing power output.


We have various techniques to reduce the fuel consumption of modern turbo diesel engines.


We have the ability to modify the individual engine control parameters.



We can for one example on a turbo diesel, reduce the fuel injected at high rpm after the turbo has reached maximum pressure (known in the trade as injection breach), this stage can consume a lot more fuel, as boost pressure has reduced leaving only excess fuel to provide the power. Our modification curves this out of reach giving positive results in the reduction of fuel consumption and an increase in power mid-range leaving the vehicle feeling more responsive with much more torque and less need to drag out the gears.


We are also able to parameterize the engine control to maximize power output by up to 35% or if you prefer a modest 10-15% for example: trailer pulling vehicles requiring that little bit more.


Whatever your requirements we guarantee you will leave us feeling satisfied.



Our company employs highly trained specialists who are constantly improving methods of their work and whose knowledge is verified by the corresponding certificates.



We place the clients and their needs as the main priority of our activity. This and only this allows us to hold the leading positions in the market place and 100% client’s trust and respect.