What makes Eco Power Tuning different from the others?




We are a professional tuning company with over 18 years’ experience in the motor trade.  We also have £20,000 worth of equipment unlike many cheaper tuner’s that use a cheap copied £80 tool with nasty mod files that can put the vehicle’s engine in danger. Many tuner’s call us for advice.




Why does my car need remapping?




When a manufacturer releases a car onto the market it has to be able to cope with many different demands in many different environments. For example, the vehicle has to cope with extreem temperatures be it hot or cold, poor fuel quality, poor servicing and at the same time provide reliability and economy. This means the manufactures have to make a universal setup for your car to keep there costs down. In the UK we generally do not have these issues as the climate is moderate leaving the engines some what restricted, we have the ability to modify this releasing hidden power and economy.



Do I need to come to you?



No, we have a fully mobile nationwide service covering: Ireland, Scotland and mainland Europe.



Can my vehicle be re-mapped?



Check the list:



or please call 01482 227622 or 07900800024 or email the make, year and model of your vehicle to:



[email protected]




and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.




What if I’m not happy with the re-map?



Within 7 days:   We will offer a rework and a further 7 days for evaluation, then if you are still unhappy we can either rework again or we will put your vehicle back to stock settings and give you a full refund.


Over 7 days but within 30 days: We will carry out a road test then either rework, and/or perform an electronic diagnostic test. Read more........


On completion of this we re-work the map carrying out any adaption’s until you are completely satisfied to re-evaluate for a further 7 days, if after 3 attempts you are still unhappy we will be happy to simply put the vehicle back to its stock settings and give a full refund without question.


So far all of our customers have been extremely happy and have recommended us to their friends to receive their 10% referral bonus (average £25).


Do you guarantee the re-map?



Yes, all our work is carried out by a qualified professional and fully guaranteed.

Most importantly we treat your pride and joy as if it was our own.

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