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Pete - 416 Sprinter.


Just a quick note to let you know that the cruise and remap on my 416 Sprinter luton were not only successful but quite impressive. Increase in power is noticable across the range and fuel consumption seems to be 10 - 12 % better which means that I will have paid for the work with not too many trips to Finland and back! Cruise control is great and holds very steady and of course helps with the fuel consumption (and the uncomfortable accelerator position on this Sprinter!).


Will be in touch re. the Vito I spoke to you about.



Tony - BMW X5 3.0D


"Wow, I was impressed with the way the 3.0D went already but after finding out that if I was not 100% happy with the results the car would be put back to standard and i could have a full refund I felt I had nothing to lose.  What a power house! It really powers through the gears, and has smoothed the gear change out on the autobox and I get an extra 5 MPG.  Highly recommended."



David, Audi A4 130 Pd Quattro


"The Pd 130 engine is very punchy in standard form but suffers from a little lag after the punch.  So I had a chat with Rich from Eco Power to whether this could be improved and was assured he could get good results, and it has to be said it’s phenomenal I’ve been on the phone to let them know how happy I am. Would definately give it a try and I bet you don’t look back."

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